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Looking for a gift that protects butterflies and our rich biodiversity? 

When you donate through B'CON Foundation, you help create a safer world for all biodiversity including butterflies, protect amazing places, and build a future where people live in connection and harmony with nature.

Your donation will support B'CON's conservation work around the globe, initiated from the Western Ghats of India, which is the home of major percentage of endemic species of flora and fauna. 

Recovering critically endangered butterfly species to protecting rain forests to providing a sustainable future for all… !

Your support will make a world of difference.

The donations to B'Con Foundation are exempt from income tax under section 12A & 80G of the income tax act 1961.

Thank you, from all of us at B'CON Foundation. 

BCon Hydrophonis Garden System.jpg

BCon Hydroponics Garden Kit 

Free BCon Hydroponics Garden Kit distribution in schools , colleges and other organizations 

Contact us to donate kits

An Ambience For Our People.... A Living For Our Beings...!



Butterfly Conservation Foundation 

A/c No               : 10190001231421

BANK                  : ESAF Small Finance Bank
IFSC CODE        : ESMF0001108
BRANCH             : Nadakkavu, Kozhikode - 673011
STATE                 : Kerala, India

12A Provisional Registration Number : AADTB8986DE20214 
01-Sub clause (i) of clause (ac) of sub -section (1) of section 12A

80G Provisional Approval Number     : AADTB8986DF20214
11-Clause (i) of first proviso to sub-section (5) of section 80G

Contact Us for  More Details to donate. 

Make a Monthly Donation

You can protect critical butterfly species and their habitats today with a monthly donation to B'CON Foundation. Your support of B'CON's global conservation work will make a world of difference. A better place to live for our future Generations.

Your donation makes you a member of B'CON Foundation.

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